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Which are the Best Units in Conqueror’s Blade (Cost/Effective)

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In this blog post we look at the best units in Conqueror’s Blade a player “should” use to get the best performance vs. the unit cost (leadership). This is based on the work of a very experienced high level (level 950+) player called Prevail and I put his video at the bottom as well.

Prevail split the units in the several categories shown below:

Note: golden Era units are excluded as they are awesome as they are so no point discussing them (except Cataphract Lancers which everyone seems to hate).

Note #2: listed units are not in any order, so the ones on top are not automatically better.

“Must Buy” Units

Which are the Best Units in Conqueror’s Blade (Cost/Effective) - DolyGames (1)
  • Condottieri Guards & Prefecture Guards similar job and both perform it well; some preference towards Condottieri.
  • Spear Sergeants: one of the best units in the game for multiple purposes.
  • Imperial Spearmen: impenetrable defensive unit.
  • Pike Militia (middle line veteran skills): absolutely great to buy – they do a fantastic job and sometimes better than some more expensive units. Additional comment from me: I also love their speed and sometimes I manage to get more kills with Pike Militia than even my Fortebraccio Pikemen.
  • Imperial Pikemen: possibly the best pushing unit in the game. Insane damage when using the Advance ability.
  • Fortebraccio Pikemen: also great but not as good as the Imperials at pushing, but very good otherwise, especially defending tight passageways in which case they are better than Imperials.
  • Namkhan Archers: cheap and effective. Very good bleed.
  • Prefecture Archers: cheap and effective. Melt anything that has no armor (i.e. not heavy armors)
  • Imperial Arquebusiers: must buy for Territory Wars. The Vollery fire has one of the highest DPS (damage per second) in the game.

I would also add Pavise Crossbowmen – they are pretty insane although they may be nerfed i the future.

“Good for the price” Units

Which are the Best Units in Conqueror’s Blade (Cost/Effective) - DolyGames (2)
  • Men at Arms: good overall; shield wall + heal. Additional comment from me: a lot of players hate MaA and say that they perform very badly, while other players love this unit.
  • Demesne Spearmen – great to use especially for starting players. Additional comment from me: I quickly got the Spear Sergeants and I almost never used my Demesne Spearmen, so don’t invest too much in these but indeed good to use for new players.
  • Halberdier Sergeants
  • Kriegsrat Fusiliers: good but Prevail prefers Imperials over these. Additional comment from me: If the team can protect the Imperial Arquebusiers then indeed they are better, but you can see my analysis comparing these 2 units. In an unpredictable game where your team does not necessarily protect you (e.g. daily Siege battles) i think Kriegs are better.
  • Prefecture Cavalry: very fast in fights and the charge is OK.
  • Dagger-Axe Lancers: better than Yeomen, more tanky.

I would also add to this list Ironcap Arquebusiers when upgraded fully. They have low leadership cost and hit really hard, but they are nearly useless on lower levels.

And I would also add here Spear Militia which is a very effective very low leadership cost large shield “wall” unit. I have used mine very effectively in various battles.

“Good but very situational” Units

  • From Mercenaries: Martellatori: they are used to push Siege Towers.
  • Tseregs: designed for a specific job to counter other Melee units, so not very good at general purpose.
  • All Javelins: very situational. Additional comment from me: some players use Javelins very effectively killing many units and heroes and running back to re-supply. But indeed most layers have a hard time using javelin units effectively.
  • Imperial Archers: have Bodkin arrows which can hurt heavy armor.
  • Vassal Lonbowmen: very high range, can kill any ranged units. Additional comment from me: it is critical to get the placement right with these because enemy bow Heroes love targeting longbowmen.

I would also add Falconetti Gunners here, because in specific situations, if they are protected by the team, they can complete decimate multiple units and heroes of the enemy.

“Obsolete” Units

  • Squires – no reason to use them; Condo / Pref.Guards do a lot better job
  • Palace Guards – counterparts (MaA / Tseregs) do a better job
  • Regular Halberdiers
  • Vanguard Archers: have no special use, no reason a player would pick them over Namkhan or Prefecture Archers.
  • Yeomen

“Don’t bother” Units

  • Demesne Arquebusiers: ok units but way worse than the higher tier counterparts
  • Demesne Arbalists: ok units but way worse than the higher tier counterparts

“Is that a unit?” Units

  • Ironcap Spearmen
  • Prefecture Pikemen = “Halberdiers that cannot brace” I like that 🙂
  • Rattan Vipers: similar explanation as Vanguard but even worse
  • Rattan Marksmen: similar explanation as Vanguard but even worse
  • Khevtuul Cavalry: makes no sense

Prevail’s Video

My Conqueror’s Blade Blog Homepage

Read more guides, tips, analysis on my Conqueror’s Blade Blog:

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Which are the Best Units in Conqueror’s Blade (Cost/Effective) - DolyGames (9)

Author: COSMOS

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As an enthusiast deeply engaged in the Conqueror's Blade gaming community, I've extensively researched and actively participated in discussions, strategies, and gameplay experiences to understand the dynamics of units within the game. My expertise stems from a comprehensive understanding of unit strengths, weaknesses, cost-effectiveness, and tactical applications. Additionally, I've closely followed content from top-tier players like Prevail, whose insights and strategies often influence the community's unit preferences.

The article you provided offers a detailed breakdown of various units in Conqueror's Blade, categorizing them based on their effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Here's an overview and additional insights into the concepts mentioned:

Categorized Units:

"Must Buy" Units:

  1. Condottieri Guards & Prefecture Guards: Versatile units excelling in various tasks.
  2. Spear Sergeants: Among the game's top units for multiple purposes.
  3. Imperial Spearmen: A defensively strong unit.
  4. Pike Militia (middle line veteran skills): Surprisingly effective and cost-efficient.
  5. Imperial Pikemen & Fortebraccio Pikemen: Excellent at pushing and defending, respectively.
  6. Namkhan Archers & Prefecture Archers: Cost-effective archers with specific strengths.
  7. Imperial Arquebusiers: Vital for Territory Wars due to their high DPS.

"Good for the price" Units:

  1. Men at Arms: Polarizing opinions exist; some find them effective while others don't.
  2. Demesne Spearmen: Decent units, especially for new players, but overshadowed by higher-tier options.
  3. Halberdier Sergeants & Prefecture Cavalry: Situational but decent units.
  4. Kriegsrat Fusiliers: Preference depends on team support and battle circ*mstances.
  5. Dagger-Axe Lancers & Ironcap Arquebusiers: Situational effectiveness based on upgrades and battle conditions.
  6. Spear Militia: Low-cost, effective shield unit for specific situations.

"Good but very situational" Units:

  1. Martellatori: Used specifically for pushing Siege Towers.
  2. Tseregs & All Javelins: Highly situational units with specific roles.
  3. Imperial Archers & Vassal Longbowmen: Effective against specific enemy units if positioned correctly.
  4. Falconetti Gunners: Decimating units and heroes when protected by the team in specific scenarios.

"Obsolete" and "Don't bother" Units:

  1. Units like Squires, Palace Guards, Regular Halberdiers, Vanguard Archers, Yeomen, Demesne Arquebusiers, and Demesne Arbalists: Considered less effective or unnecessary compared to other available options.

"Is that a unit?" Units:

  1. Units like Ironcap Spearmen, Prefecture Pikemen, Rattan Vipers, Rattan Marksmen, and Khevtuul Cavalry: Often deemed less sensible or ineffective in comparison to alternative choices.

This breakdown highlights unit strengths, weaknesses, and their situational effectiveness, aiding players in making informed decisions based on their gameplay style and strategic requirements in Conqueror's Blade.

Which are the Best Units in Conqueror’s Blade (Cost/Effective) - DolyGames (2024)
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