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The Super Bowl is a big deal here in the US, and that means parties everywhere. There are a few Super Bowl staples like beer, wings, and chips with dip. But we can take things to the next level by adding some Super Bowl party decorations to the mix.

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Super Bowl party decorations should be more common than they are, but hosting a game day party means we are in control. We all want our favorite team to be in the Super Bowl, but we don’t always get our way.

It doesn’t matter, though; we still celebrate the game because it is exciting to watch. We invited all of our friends and some family to the house and put out a spread of food.

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The food is easy; chips, dips, and anything that can be grilled will get the job done. We can’t forget to make some wings, either. In fact, wing shops usually prefer you to order days ahead.

Drinks are also simple; no need for anything fancy; beer and soda will be perfect. But there is something missing from the average Super Bowl party, and that’s the decor.

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We have decorations up for just about every party we throw, like birthday parties, anniversary parties, and especially holiday parties. The decor helps set the mood and adds to the ambiance of the festivities.

The question is, why don’t we create that ambiance for Super Bowl parties? Decorating for a game day party is simple; the theme is already given to us, and there’s plenty to use.

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Footballs, football fields, and even the referees give us the colors and ideas we can utilize to take our parties to the next level. There will be cheering, there will be yelling, and there may even be some tears, depending on whether your team made it to the game or not.

But the decorations you use will tie everything together for a better experience.

DIY Football Field Area Rug | Entertaining Diva

Yard Line Garland | Salty Canary

Snack Stadium | Nifty Mom

Treat Holders | Printable Crush

Drink Station | Craftaholics Anonymous

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Decorating for the Super Bowl is simple, and it doesn’t even have to cost you much money at all. You can DIY many of these decorations and customize them to fit this season.

We may need to wait until we know what teams are playing to add those pops of color. But we can get started ahead of time with the basics of game day. Greens, whites, browns, and blacks are the colors you will want to utilize the most.

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Then, use the team colors for a pop that stands out during the game.

Football Mason Jars | Mason Jar Crafts

Hot Dog Bar Signs | Big Dot of Happiness

Field Party Table | A Night Owl

Vintage Decor | Anders Ruff

“Playing Field” Centerpiece | Hostess with the Mostess

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Tips for Hosting Super Bowl Parties

The Super Bowl party decorations will help you set the stage, but you can do a bit more. The goal is to make this party as awesome as possible, as it may be the first big celebration of the year.

Seating is important; this is not really that active of a party. People will want to have a place to sit down to watch the game. A Super Bowl drinking game could make things very exciting; just ensure everyone has a safe way home.

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In fact, start the party ahead of the game by hosting a tailgating event before the actual party kicks off.

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DIY Football Tray | Story Piece

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Super Bowl Party Decorations (2024)
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