Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2021) (2024)

Nintendo launched itself into the MOBA scene earlier this summer when it released Pokemon Unite, developed in tandem with Tencent's TiMi Studios. Seeped in the Pokemon IP, Pokemon Unite brings several classic and fan-favorite characters into the arena to battle it out and score the most points. Though the mechanics of the game may be relatively simple compared to other MOBA titles, players can still develop their skills and experience highly rewarding gameplay.

Pokemon Unite's roster is made up of numerous Pokemon from multiple generations and regions, and they are separated into different roles such as Attackers, Defenders, Supporters and more. Within the first month and a half of the game's release, Pokemon Unite has already added several new Pokemon to its original roster. With the first half of Pokemon Unite's first season expected to end around the mobile release date, players can expect some inevitable buffs and nerfs to certain characters. As of this moment, there are several Pokemon that can be considered high-tier choices, and some that fall to the wayside.

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S Tier Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2021) (1)
  • Blastoise
  • Blissey
  • Cinderace
  • Lucario
  • Snorlax

There are various Pokemon that can be considered the best in the game so far. S-tier picks are all incredibly viable in any team composition, and will often be seen in every game. Interestingly enough, two Pokemon currently in this tier are the two most recently-released Pokemon to the game. Pokemon Unite finally added the Kanto fan-favorite Blastoise, and the new Defender has been a very appealing choice for players. Blastoise is very powerful right now, enough so that it will likely get an inevitable nerf. Its Surf move is very strong, and Rapid Spin adds unique playstyle mechanics to the Pokemon.

A few weeks before Blastoise's release, Pokemon Unite added a new Supporter in the form of Blissey. Blissey's value increases when paired with certain other Pokemon that can make use of its buffs, such as auto-attackers. Its Safeguard move being able to cleanse any hindrances also makes it a great pick into a CC-heavy team. With high endurance, Blissey is also able to stay alive longer in fights, a quality that helps keep this Pokemon in the highest tier. The next S-tier pick is Cinderace, a Pokemon that can output so much damage it can carry games. This is especially true when paired with Supporter Pokemon that can enhance its abilities (like Blissey), and so Cinderace is often considered a must-pick.

Most players might agree that Lucario is currently the best All-Rounder in the game. It has the necessary damage, tankiness, and mobility to be a great pick for any team. Lucario is a great Pokemon overall and doesn't have a major weakness. Finally, the last S-tier pick right now has to be Snorlax. Before Blastoise was released, Snorlax was clearly the best Defender in the game and would be in nearly every single match. Its moveset allows it to dominate fights with CC, and its Block move is incredibly useful for zoning enemies.

A Tier Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2021) (2)
  • Alolan Ninetales
  • Cramorant
  • Eldegoss
  • Greninja
  • Machamp
  • Wigglytuff

Next up are the A-tier Pokemon that players could consider choosing in Pokemon Unite. All of these Pokemon are great choices, and many of them will often be seen in various matches. While they aren't quite powerful enough to be considered S-tier, they are worthy additions to any team.

First off, Alolan Ninetales is a solid pick and has some great CC potential with its freezing abilities. Cramorant is one of the best special attackers, and it can help zone enemies, provide high amounts of damage, and has decent crowd control. When it comes to Supporters, Eldegoss is also one of the best. It can often provide some great healing for its team, even after the recent nerf to its healing. Unfortunately, Blissey is generally a better pick when looking to heal, but a great Eldegoss player can help tilt any match in their team's favor.

Next up is the highly popular Greninja, which has been seeing an increased pick rate as more players figure out the best ways to play the Pokemon, as it is a great alternate choice to Cinderace. The Pokemon fulfills the high damage output role, and its Smoke Screen and Surf abilities can often eliminate enemies with ease. Often, players will opt for Greninja's other abilities, but these don't bring out the Pokemon's full potential.

Aside from Lucario, Machamp has also been a very strong All-Rounder Pokemon. Even though a recent nerf cut into the Pokemon's ability to dish out damage, it can still be very useful in team compositions. Wigglytuff is another great Supporter, as it is very tanky, and can be very annoying for enemies to deal with. Its Sing move is a great way to counter melee-focused Pokemon that try to close in on Wigglytuff or its teammates.

B Tier Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2021) (3)
  • Absol
  • Crustle
  • Gardevoir
  • Gengar
  • Mr. Mime
  • Pikachu
  • Slowbro
  • Talonflame
  • Zeraora

There are many B-tier Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, which represents the middle-of-the-ground group that players can choose. While these picks aren't necessarily bad in their own right, many of these Pokemon aren't the best choices for certain roles, and definitely won't be helpful to a team unless they are played by someone really skilled with the Pokemon. Some of these Pokemon might only be strong in one part of the game and others might be easily countered.

To start off is Absol, a Speedster Pokemon that can be very strong in the early game, but has a really weak late game. Players are learning to play around the Pokemon's burst abilities, and unless Absol players are able to snowball early on, picking it can often be a waste. Since the Pokemon Unite meta really leans heavily on team fighting with tanky Pokemon at the moment, an assassin doesn't cut it.

Crustle has the potential to do really well, but its abilities are easy to telegraph, and many players have learned to counter this Defender. Gardevoir struggles early on and takes some time to get to its full potential. It is more of a late-game glass cannon, and there are better options for Attackers. As for the ghostly Gengar, it used to be very strong and could often dominate matches. After being hit with some nerfs, Gengar suffered in its pick rate. Though Gengar can still be strong, many players have learned to avoid Gengar's abilities or recognize when to back away.

Unfortunately, the Pokemon mascot itself, Pikachu, gets stuck in B-tier. Pikachu falls off in the late game, and it doesn't have the greatest team fight capacity. Its stun potential can be great, and it can be a bully in the early game, but other Attackers are usually better choices. There will be a promotion where players can earn a license for Pikachu and a special Holowear, so it's quite possible this Pokemon could see some buffs in the near future.

Mr. Mime is more of a niche Supporter, and can definitely prove to be an irritation for the enemy team. However, players need to be skilled enough to play the Pokemon to its full potential. Slowbro saw some recent nerfs, but can still provide some much-needed utility, even though other Defenders might be better overall. Talonflame can be great, but snowballing is very necessary to make it worth picking. Zeraora can be powerful in the right hands, especially as more players have learned how to utilize its kit, but oftentimes won't be the best possible choice.

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C Tier Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Tier List (September 2021) (4)
  • Charizard
  • Garchomp
  • Venusaur

Finishing off this list are three Pokemon that fall into the C-tier for Pokemon Unite. Like any other Pokemon on this list, players can do really well with them in certain scenarios. Unfortunately, these three end up in the bottom group at the moment since they can generally be weak. For example, Charizard and Garchomp need a lot of help and are outclassed by the other All-Rounders.

Charizard really relies on its Unite Move to do its best damage, which unfortunately places it in this tier. Charizard may not be the worst pick, but a few future buffs could really help it shine. Garchomp is very melee-focused, and with a majority of other Pokemon either being ranged or being able to counter melee Pokemon, it can have a tough time. Recent buffs have helped out Venusaur a lot, so once players realize the best strategies to use this Pokemon, it might be in a better position. Unfortunately, Venusaur is generally outclassed by other Attackers in the roster.

In any case, there will always be players that do well with any Pokemon in the game. Plus, when there are balance changes in each patch that come to the game, Pokemon may suddenly jump from one tier to another. From new beginners to those in Pokemon Unite's Master rank, players seem to be enjoying the new MOBA, and will likely help keep it alive for years to come.

Pokemon Unite is available on Nintendo Switch and will launch onto mobile devices on September 22, 2021.

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