How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (2024)

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (1)

Taking your Super Bowl party outdoors gives you more room to watch the game and less to clean up afterward. But how to host a perfect outdoor Super Bowl party in your backyard? Let us count the ways:

7 Ways to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party

  • 1. Prep Your Lawn
  • 2. Keep it Cozy
  • 3. Stretch Out and Have Fun
  • 4. Cater to the Occasion
  • 5. Don’t Forget the Kids
  • 6. Keep Cleanup Easy
  • 7. Crunch Time
  • A Super Bowl Way to Bring People Together

1. Prep Your Lawn

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (2)

Hosting an outdoor Super Bowl party starts with getting your lawn ready for game day. Clean up after Fido, rake any leftover leaves, mow your grass ahead of time if it’s warm and your yard looks shaggy.

If you’re short on time, a LawnStarter pro near you can get your grass ready for all that foot traffic.

Once your yard is shipshape, plant some flags in your favorite team colors around the yard. Banners will make for great decorations on your pergola, while container flower arrangements in your side’s shades are perfect centerpieces.

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2. Keep it Cozy

The Super Bowl may change location every year, but for those of us who live in cooler climates, there are plenty of ways to stay warm at an outdoor celebration. Invest in some stadium blankets to get into the spirit, or set up a few space heaters under an outdoor tent for that perfect tailgate party feel.

Have a fire pit in your backyard? Even better. You can toast marshmallows while watching touchdowns!

3. Stretch Out and Have Fun

Hosting outside means that everyone at your viewing party can get comfortable. Set up comfy outdoor seating and a projector and sound system to blast the game on the big screen. You can use your patio, deck, and other outdoor amenities to give everyone a place to relax.

Looking for ways to pass the time before kickoff? Why not get a round of cornhole going, or come up with some other outdoor yard games to kick off the fun?

4. Cater to the Occasion

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (3)

One of the best parts of a Super Bowl party is the food, and when the party’s outside, there are plenty of options of what to serve. Get out of the kitchen and fire up the grill for some burgers and hot dogs, or set up the perfect chicken wing buffet.

Or, you can tailor your menu to the local cuisine of your favorite team. Your family and friends can enjoy their favorite foods while showing off some team spirit.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to run back and forth into the house to stock up on drinks and appetizers during the big game. Coolers and kegs will stay nice and cold in the backyard, too!

5. Don’t Forget the Kids

Have on hand some games the kids can play away in the yard without getting hurt. Jenga blocks are a lot safer than Jarts.

If the kids arrive early, they can help ice the football-shaped cookies at a table outside. Why in the backyard? You don’t want icing all over your kitchen, living room, or bedrooms.

Save icing the team helmet cookies for yourself or another steady adult hand so the team logos are recognizable.

6. Keep Cleanup Easy

How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (4)

Halftime takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to cleaning up after a Super Bowl-sized party. By hosting outside, you won’t have to worry about spills on indoor carpets and furniture, and when the party’s done, you can walk any waste right over to the trash and recycling.

Encourage the little ones to help pick up the dirty plates and empty drinks and shout “Touchdown!” as they drop them in the trash bag or blue recycling bin. Be ready to hit video on your phone if the kids start doing their own celebratory touchdown dances.

7. Crunch Time

If an adult guest partied a little too hardy, call an Uber or Lyft to ensure he or she gets home safely.

If it’s Grandma who had a truly good time or Grandpa became best Buds with the beer cooler, show them to the guest bedroom and serve them a Super Bowl of cereal and coffee in the morning before sending them on their way.

A Super Bowl Way to Bring People Together

An outdoor Super Bowl party is the perfect way to spend more quality time with your family and friends – and to get to know your neighbors.

Make friends with the families on the other sides of your fence by cheering for your favorite team together – or stoking a friendly rivalry.

You’ll score extra points if the friendships formed over chips, dip, chili, and tacos last till next year’s Super Bowl party and well beyond.

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How to Host the Perfect Outdoor Super Bowl Party (11)

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