70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (2024)

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How do you host a great Super Bowl party? Follow these fun ideas and tips for decorations, food, drinks, and activities!

Super Bowl 2024 is Sunday, February 11, so it’s time to start planning. There are game day parties, and then there’s THE biggest game party of all. Here are the best ideas and tips for making it awesome.

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Food Buffet Ideas

Set up a food table that feeds the fans. Use these ideas and decorations to inspire you whether you’re hosting a party for adults or families.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (2)

Set up a football themed popcorn bar so guests can create their own custom snack mix.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (3)

No party is complete without a charcuterie board. Create a game day charcuterie board for easy grazing.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (4)

Fill your game day snack table with easy pickup items like these DIY football themed snack cones.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (5)

Wash down all that food with a football themed beer bar that takes it’s cue from stadium snacks.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (7)

You can also set up a sweet dessert buffet with a game day themed ice cream bar.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (8)
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (9)
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (10)

Serve food that looks like a football. You can make a football cheese ball, or shape and decorate a pizza or sheet cake to look like a football. Use sour cream, cheese, or frosting as the stitching.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (11)

Set up a chili bar for a hearty meal where guests can make their favorite combinations.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (12)

Prepare a hot dog bar with all the toppings.

Super Bowl Party Decorations

Get as festive and creative as you like. Decorations can be simple when you use banners, table covers, and themed decorative items.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (13)

Decorate party tables with turf grass. You can find it at home improvement stores where they cut it by the foot.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (14)

Create table decorations with a silver urn or trophy cup filled with a football and pennant flags.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (15)

Make DIY football themed glasses using white tape. Simply cut the strips and apply them in a stitch pattern onto glasses. Instant festive drinks!

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (16)

Use team colors and mascots in the party space. Complement those with black and white stripes for referee uniforms, and small yellow touches like napkins, for the penalty flags.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (17)

Hang a simple DIY pennant banner the you can use year after year.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (18)

Draw football game play diagrams on small chalkboards and add them to food or drink tables.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (19)

If it’s warm where you live, set up a tailgate party outside. Or prepare the food buffet to look like a tailgate.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (20)

Place pompoms around the room so guests can cheer for their team.

Big foam fingers are also a fun item to have around.

Use decorations like a football field runner as the base for any food or drink table.

Use this inflatable snack stadium for food or fill it with ice to keep beer and drinks chilled.

Party Recipes

The best thing about the party is the food, and it has to be rustic, hearty, and delicious. Here are some of our favorite tried and true appetizers for a football party. We’ve got finger food, sandwiches, dips, and snack mixes.

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Finger Food

A buffet of small bites and finger foods gives guests variety and options. There’s no room for fancy hors d’oeuvres at a football party. These are delicious and rustic.

  • smoked sausage in easy bbq sauce
  • bourbon meatballs
  • bacon wrapped chicken bites
  • brown butter honey chicken wings
  • baked jalapeno poppers
  • jalapeno poppers with blue cheese
  • Cuban appetizer (open faced sandwich)
  • bacon appetizers
  • charcuterie skewers
  • Italian sausage appetizers in pastry cups
  • sausage balls
  • tacos in a bag
  • nacho fries
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (22)


Party sandwich appetizers are hearty and filling so they’re an ideal pairing for co*cktails and beer.

  • slow cooker bbq beef sandwiches
  • mini party sandwiches with brown sugar glaze
  • easy homemade baked corn dogs
  • roast beef sliders with blue cheese spread
  • baked mini turkey sandwiches
  • mini roast beef sandwiches with chili-lime mayo
  • mini club sandwiches
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (23)


No game day party is complete without at least one dip recipe.

  • Mexican 7-layer dip
  • hot corn dip with cream cheese
  • (aka cowboy caviar)
  • cold chicken dip (with canned chicken)
  • baked artichoke dip
  • Doritos corn dip
  • cold spinach dip
  • pimento cheese spread
  • 3-ingredient creamy chili dip
  • beer cheese spread
  • mini cheese balls
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (24)

Snack Mix

Noshing on snack mixes keeps guests sustained throughout the whole game. You can make most of these ahead of time and store in an air tight container until ready to serve.

  • savory spicy pecans
  • easy popcorn snack mix
  • savory snack mix
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (25)

Party Desserts

Super bowl party desserts should be easy to pick up and consume. No forks or plates required for these recipes.

  • Oreo truffles
  • oatmeal chocolate chip bars
  • best glazed lemon bars
  • chocolate marshmallow nut bars
  • easy pecan pie bars
  • golden graham smores bars
  • outrageously good fudge brownies
  • saltine cracker toffee
  • oatmeal coconut cookies
  • double chip peanut butter cookies
  • sweet party mixPARTY TIP: use colored candies that are the same as the team colors.
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (26)

Save yourself time and effort and purchase football themed cookies from the bakery section of the grocery store.

70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (27)

Super Bowl Punch Recipes

It’s a good idea to have beer on ice, but these pitcher recipes can feed a small crowd making it easy on the host, and delicious for non-beer drinkers.

  • Best whiskey punch
  • Red sangria
  • Spiced rum sangria
  • Apple sangria
70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (28)

What Do You Do at a Super Bowl Party?

Watching the game is the main event, along with eating food and watching the half time show. But if you gather together before the game begins you have the opportunity to do some fun activities.

The game doesn’t have to be the only competition in the room. Here are some ideas.

  • Place your bets. Grab this betting pool poster and initial each square you want to bet on. Give out prizes for each winner at the end of the quarter, halftime, and final game.
  • Play cornhole. Add these football theme decals to decorate traditional cornhole boards.
  • Check your aim. Set up a football toss game and see who can rack up the most points. Or try this blowup version and use a nerf football.
  • Hang a piñata. Use a football piñata as a centerpiece or hang it in an open space. Fill it with mini liquor bottles for adults, or candy snacks for a family party.
  • Test your knowledge. Play this football trivial game and give out small prizes or trophy cups for the winner.
  • BINGO! Print this football bingo set to play throughout the game.

Use these ideas and recipes to host the best super bowl party with friends and family!

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70 Super Bowl Party Ideas & Recipes (2024)
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